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According to Dr. Peter McCullough and contrary to many, the Covid-19 vaccines are still not approved by the FDA.


On August 23rd there was a closed meeting between Phizer and the FDA.  What came out of the meeting was a continuation of the Emergency Use Authorization, so the vaccine was never approved.


A biological licensing agreement WAS granted to German partner, BioNTech but their application must have a commitment to myocardal post marketing studies on injuries and special language in regard to pregnancy in order to enter the U.S. market, this will have to be completed before FDA approval is granted.


There have been no changes in the vaccine prodedure either.   Vaccine consent forms still claim that the outcome of the vaccination is still unknown and continue to ask Americans to participate in research.  The misinformation from this meeting spread all the way to President Biden who still claims the vaccines have been FDA approved.  


5 days after this, Gruber who was a high ranking vaccine regulatory official for FDA resigned.


In regard to testing, Dr. McCullough said the tests are also not FDA approved and not supported by science, CDC, or the WHO.  Covid testing required  in schools, sports, airlines, etc. needs to stop because 97% of the tests produce false positive results and are generating unnecessary quarantine.




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