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In short, the Biden administration is set on transferring all our US decision making authority, our individual national sovereignty in regard to health care to the UN World Health Organization (WHO)) who will then have the power to deem anything they see fit a “medical emergency”, shut our society down, mandate masks, VACCINES and call to order any other solutions to issues surrounding an “emergency” they site.


Some people might call this a platform for a One World Global Governance system.



Currently, the WHO is finalizing the digital ID’s and QR code which will work with the Pandemic regulations and immediately restrict traveling rights for people who have chose NOT vaccinate with the current Covid19 Vaccine.


The abuse of human rights that align with this discrimination cannot be overstated – not only on a local but on a global scale.  People have the right to refuse a medical procedure for any reason. Health matters are between the doctor and the patient. This trust and privacy must not be eroded by outside agendas.





On January 18th 2022, the United States Department of Health and Human Services proposed amendments to the International Health Regulations (IHR), currently being drafted by 194 member states in Geneva, Switzerland. These amendments will hand over control to the WHO under the declaration of a “public health emergency”  – even over the objection of the member state.


In February of 2023 a Zero Draft of the Pandemic treaty was the result of several months of negotiation.


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Once the Pandemic Treaty is in force and a health emergency is declared (whatever the emergency may be), the agreement signatories will submit their country, authority to monitor and govern the nature of treatments to this emergency, lockdowns, vaccine mandates and global supply chains along with surveillance rights to enforce these measures.


The Zero Draft version of the Pandemic Treaty has not yet been finalized, the final version is projected to be completed in November of 2023 – 6 months from now.  Currently, 194 member countries of the United Nations will be meeting in Geneva, Switzerland to negotiate the final points. The GPMB (Global Preparedness Monitoring Board) is working together with the WHO and the World Bank and will be calling for a global pandemic simulation to take place. 






This simulation will be carried out by the GPMB (Global Pandemic Monitoring Board) which once released a statement back in September 2019 (3 months before the Covid virus was discovered in Wuhan, China) in a report predicting “ a respiratory pandemic that would cause millions of deaths and immense damage to the world economy”






Amendments to the International Health Regulations

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🔵 Zero Draft: https://ept.ms/3xM9kxR 🔵 GPMB 2019 Report: https://ept.ms/3MW5MjR 🔵 GPMB Website: https://ept.ms/3MTUT20 🔵 Global Simulation: https://ept.ms/3CfMocH https://ept.ms/3P6ojg5 🔵 Norovirus Cruise Ship: https://ept.ms/43MlHrB

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