U.S. & NATO PROVOKED UKRAINE – Say Experts Who Know

March 4, 2022 314 Views

Once upon a time in Odessa Ukraine there was a native Russian speaking group that later morphed into a right wing fascist group called the Right Sector. After the coup between Russia and Ukraine in 2014, this group set up a little protest in front of Union Hall and set fire to it burning everyone in the building alive. The few people that were trapped that DID manage to escape were beaten. One of the protesters who was responsible for this demonstration that killed all these people is organizer Serhii Sternenko , head of the Odesa Regional Branch of the  Right Sector . Ukrainian President Vladdymar Kelenski sought to appoint him as the Head of the Security Service for Ukraine. Last week, he was on Fox News rallying Americans for more support and additional sanctions on Russia from Biden. Interview

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