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  • Former President Donald Trump called for a national contest to “charter new cities” on federal land.
  • Trump, the top Republican 2024 presidential candidate, also called for the federal government to help the U.S. beat China in the race to develop flying personal vehicles.
  • Trump also advocated for a focus on lowering the costs of buying a car building single-family homes.


President Trump shares an ambitious plan to build 10 new “Freedom Cities” and beat China in the development of flying cars.

Lamenting that the U.S. has “lost its boldness,” he calls for a national contest to design the cities as a way to spur a “quantum leap in the American Standard of Living.”

Another part of Trump’s plan is for the federal government to boost investment in flying personal vehicles. “I want to ensure that America, not China, leads this revolution in air mobility,” Trump says.

The policy-light plan sketched a vision of America’s future that was in some ways reminiscent of “The Jetsons,” the classic cartoon depicting a high-tech utopian society where commuters traveled to work by flying car.

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