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The alleged scheme first came to light years ago, when Trump was still in office, but the investigation has gained new momentum in recent months, with the Manhattan district attorney’s office convening a grand jury to examine the matter.





An indictment of a former president would be a first in American history and a politically explosive step with Trump seeking the GOP nomination for president in 2024. His attorney has said he has no plans to participate in the probe, and the former president has denounced the investigation as a witch hunt.











A timeline of the escapade here

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  1. And the real criminals walk free!! This will backfire on Dems because Trump has done nothing wrong. While other politicians commit real crimes, the one arrested is Trump!!! Every day, Dems show exactly who they are, they project their hate onto a man who is more accepted, loved and respected than any of them will ever be!!! Let them do it! See where that will get them!!! Trump is ready, and it will only make him stronger!!! How will America respond? Will anybody fight for him???? 😳😳

  2. So Clinton can get blow job in the white house and nothing happens, Biden is so corrupt and has china in his pocket, clinton can pay off his prositutes and nothing but they have a prositute that is lying and wants money and they are going to arrest trump because they can beat him any other way. What a joke

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