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it also means thousands of US laws have been de-legitimized … this is the beginning of the dismantling of current lawmaking in the U.S. government as we know it.   



A recent Supreme Court ruling, (West Virginia vs EPA , the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA),) has made a historic ruling that reels in government overreach by restoring the original constitutional process our forefathers used for creating laws. For more than 80 years, Congress has allowed government agencies to create rules (mandates, etc.) not laws which have now been determined unconstitutional.


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NOW Congress may NO LONGER delegate any of its legislative authority to agencies of the executive branch.


This means agencies will have a more difficult time bypassing the Constitution and the legislative process to create regulations. This follows other recent rulings from the Supreme Court that bring back a more traditional interpretation of the constitution. The latest comes alongside several other key rulings from the Supreme Court over the past few weeks that significantly impact issues that include freedom of belief, gun control, abortion, and immigration.  The significance of this ruling bypasses any of this century …



As the Supreme Court rules on West Virginia vs EPA, the consequences of this ruling will resonate for another 100 years. For more than a century, Congress has ceded power to write broad and far reaching laws to bureaucrats accountable to no one.   This is how the deep state was built.”


Meanwhile, President Joe Biden wants to drop the Senate filibuster in order to codify Roe v. Wade into law, but this will depend on whether he can win over several Democrat members of the Senate who have previously been wary of such a move.

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