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Official data from the Office of National Statistics tell a very different story of actual death counts from COVID ALONE with no comorbidities – MUCH lower than media and officials have been claiming.

Released quietly in December of 2021, the following data has been available to the public yet (not surprisingly) held back by officials, journalists and media until now.


It is interesting to note that the figures show a surprising majority of Covid casualties within an age average of 81.5 years, (which is actually beyond the age of life expectancy). But most importantly is that after calculating out the figures, the number of deaths equals to approximately 975 elderly deaths per month age 65 – 81.  Covid deaths in younger adults below 64 – is 3,774 in total. That in essence is a total of 3,774 adults who Died of Covid from March of 2020 to September of 2021.  This is an overwhelming revelation.   Although the totals are shocking, it only proves the magnitude of the fear and panic MSM/Officials have generated as the propaganda and lies in the name of science ramble on . ..


On video and below is the breakdown of Covid deaths since March of 2020 to September 2021.


From March 2020 to September 2021 the total deaths in 2020 = 9,400



Quarterly Breakdown

1st Quarter 2021 – January – March 2021 – Total deaths = 6,483




2nd Quarter – April – June 2021 Total deaths = 346




3rd Quarter July – September 2021 – Total Deaths = 1,142




TOTAL DEATHS in UK FROM COVID from March 2020 to 3rd Quarter 2021 = 17,371



It’s time to admit we are victims of a scare mongering campaign that has suppressed the REAL numbers of Covid deaths, early treatments and alternative remedy, causing hate and devastation in our society.


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