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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has said the government will end its use of the Emergencies Act, 10 days after he invoked it.  The powers provided by the act are time-limited, and would have expired in 30 days if it had not been revoked or if the Senate had voted it down.  While critics and opposition leaders criticized the measures, particularly those meant to target money and bank accounts allegedly connected to convoy organizers and supporters, just Yesterday, while debates on the Emergencies Act were going down in the Senate, Trudeau stated that he needed the Act to remain in place for some time.  Then suddenly today, Trudeau stunned the world by saying the Emergencies Act was no longer needed.    


        Trudeau-appointed senator to vote against Emergencies Act continuation

‘Out of concern about the lack of judicial oversight in the freezing of assets’


Senator Pierre Dalphond said in the statement: “I have decided to vote against the motion to authorize the continuation of the state of emergency, out of concern about the lack of judicial oversight in the freezing of assets.

I acknowledge the ordeal inflicted on residents and businesses of downtown Ottawa for over three weeks. Their nightmare has been the result of illegal acts and I thank police services involved for their professionalism in dismantling the illegal occupation and blockades,” read the statement.

Now that the rule of law has been restored in Ottawa and elsewhere in Canada, do we need to continue the application of the Emergencies Act and the related extraordinary powers granted by the Emergency Measures Regulations and the Emergency Economic Measures Order?


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