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Robert Kennedy Jr. is an admitted Climate Change activist who many people think is a bit extreme. In an interview last month with Unherd’s Freddie Sayers, he shed some light on the Bad Boys at the World Economic Forum, Bill Gates, ESG (Environmental Social Governance) and the WEF agenda push to get farmers all over the world to capitulate to a new governing system that has the world questioning the group’s integrity and motives behind the global food supply.

The problem …

He claims that climate and the “crisis” that has evolved “has become more polarized than ever” and to some extent “co-opted” by Bill Gates and the World Economic Forum and all the “Billionaire Boys Club” in Davos, (in the same way the Covid Crisis was appropriated by them) to make themselves richer, to impose totalitarian controls and to stratify our society with a group of very, very powerful and wealthy people at the top over a vast majority of human beings with very little power and very little sovereignty over their own lives.”

He believes that these individuals use “every crisis as an opportunity for those forces to clamp down controls”

There has been a shift from caring about the environment to “Corporate Carbon Capture”

There has also been a shift from habitat preservation and regenerate farming,” he says, “trying to reduce the power of a carbon industry, which is also spewing toxins – We need to reduce carbon” he added, “whether you believe in “climate change” or not because anywhere there is carbon, there is also mercury, ozone particulates and aluminum from burning hydrocarbon


BUT there has been a shift away from these concerns and more emphasis towards “corporate carbon capture, which can be monetized by the corporations and exploited without seeing any real benefit on the ground.”  Also, geo-engineering solutions – which he opposes. “tends to be that the people who are pushing them also have patent rights in a lot of these technologies and there is definitely an optic of self interest and self serving commitment.”

….a way to destroy the Netherland Farmers

In regard to the farmer’s protests in europe, he says “I fell on the side of the farmers with that debate because I saw what happened over the years. I saw that   the combination of corporate and government power which colluded to get those farmers to switch over to heavily nitrate, fertilizer and chemical dependent GMO farming was deliberate, purposeful and systematic…”

Once you get all those farmers to switch to hydrocarbon based fertilizers and to monocultures then you say ‘okay those things are bad now we’re gonna shut you all down’ … this is what happened – a bait and switch”.   


There’s an excellent Podcast below with RFK Jr. and Vandana Shiva discussing the WEF global takeover of our food supply, Bill Gates seed technology and more …


the Solution …

If we want to have democracy, we need a broad ownership of our land by a wide variety of yeoman farmers each with a stake in our system”

He says “Wiping out the small farmers and giving control of food production to corporation is not in the interest of humanity, we need to help those farmers transition off the addiction that we imposed upon them in the first place”.

If You Control Food You Control People”




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