New State Bill Would Let Citizens Sue Big Tech; YouTuber Removes Video with CCP-Critic | NTD

January 18, 2021 319 Views

00:00 New State Bill Would Let Citizens Sue Big Tech Republican lawmakers in North Dakota proposed a bill that could enable Twitter and Facebook users to file lawsuits over censorship.

00:45 Pastor’s Life Threatened Over Picture A pastor who took a picture with the so-called Q-shaman says he’s getting death threats. And so is his family.

03:03 YouTuber Removes Video With CCP-Critic A famous YouTuber is now sparking controversy after he took down a video with a guest, who’s an outspoken critic of the Chinese communist regime.

06:41 CCP Strategy: Create Division, Labeling A China analyst is warning Americans to be cautious of some tactics cropping up in domestic politics. This is because they mirror political campaigns in communist China.


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