More Vaccinated than Unvaccinated In Hospitals in Australia

January 14, 2022 291 Views

In Australia, new government data was recently released that showed that despite the country having some of the most draconian vaccine mandates in the world, at this moment, there are more fully vaccinated patients who are hospitalized with COVID-19 compared to the number of unvaccinated patients.

Meanwhile, in America, new death certificate data that came out of the CDC showed that the number of deaths among people aged 18 to 49—basically, among people who are in the prime of their lives—increased by more than 40 percent. And the majority of these excess deaths are not coming from COVID-19.

Lastly, an obscure agency within the Biden administration just announced that they will be compiling a database of all federal employees who have had religious objections to the vaccine. And within that database, they’ll be collecting and storing the names as well as the personal religious information of those who chose to object.





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