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  1. @FreedomLive Let us make it count. The world is watching for what the freest nation in the world will do. Give us Liberty, or give us death. There is no middle ground. We are American Patriots and we will defend our Constitutional rights. If the government thinks this will be easy for them, they are about to be educated in American freedom at its highest level. If the government attacks us, we should retaliate with full force and commitment. Once it starts it will not stop until we are dead or we have our Constitutional Republic restored. Either way, we will be free and will not live under tyranny…..ever. The sad part is what we will have to do to interact with our police, National Guard, and military. If they are not with the American People, they in turn will become the enemy and the insurgency will begin. Hopefully, they will join the American People in this endeavor to protect our children and future generations from Tyranny.

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