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Dr. Peter McCullough Testifies In Pennsylvania Senate About Vaccine Injuries


:50 Dr. McCullough Intro

2:26 Dr. McCullough

3:15 Pfizer Vaccine emergency use authorization: Vaccine was never intended to be used publicly

4:00 Great planning went into the Covid Pandemic: Messenger RNA technology was US Gov aspiration

5:54 Anthony Fauci and creation of “deception campaign”

6:00 the creation of the Covid narrative

6:11 the Virus was lab created – our gov agencies are in agreement that the virus was lab created in Wuhan and the agencies had oversite on what was being done.

7:26 Vaccine development was designed in Wuhan

7:43 Moderna is suing Pfizer for copying their code

8:00 Vaccines were never fully licensed

8:29 Unprecedented disabilities and deaths from the vaccines

9:24 Vaccine recording system

9:50 There is no watch or regulatory system. FDA and CDC have no experience in administrating a big vaccine campaign. Conflict of interest

10:54 FDA is involved in a drug safety coverup

11:54 Not a single Pfizer representative has been questioned by a Congressional or Senate committee

12:30 Conclusive studies show that the vaccines are the cause of current injuries and deaths.

12:40 Vaccine injuries

14:24 Unprecedented deaths in athletes before vaccines: Before vaccines – 29 Sudden cardiac arrests per year / after Vaccines – 283 Sudden cardiac deaths per year.

15:14 Vaccine “Deaths of unknown cause” and adversities: Sudden Cardiac Death occurs most between 3am – 6am and during sports events. Conclusive autopsies conclude that the vaccines cause fatal fatal induced cardio deaths in young people through Myocarditis.

18:38 Blood Clots: Studies show the Wuhan spike protein is inside the clots and is forming “Amyloid Structures” Amyloid Structures are like rubber and the clots, not being dissolved and are still apparent 2 years after vaccination.

20:12 Immune Syndrome and blood disorders are occuring after vaccines

21:18 Inflammatory Disorder

21:58 If the vaccines are so bad why doesn’t everyone have a disorder? Bad batches and contaminants have been found. CSDC ignores

25:21 Government Regulatory agencies are ignoring requests to recall vaccines from market.

26:22 Illegal and unlawful promotion and mandates of the vaccines

27:20 What percent of the U.S. population has permanent or serious effects as a result of the vaccines?

27:12 Natto (Nattokinase) has been found to break down spike protein in the blood

30:09 How long does spike protein and Messenger RNA stay in human system?



33:13 Pennsylvania Senate Bill 741

33:30 Lot to lot studies / Schmelling from Denmark paper the largest explanation of why people have side effects and others don’t.

35:12 What danger do the unvaxed have from the blood supply / shedding / contamination and danger to exposure

36:41 Breastfeeding: Paper by Hannah and Colleagues  mrNA can be absorbed.

37:07 Blood Donation/ Blood transfusion: Danger of contamination

38:14 Shedding contamination

40:11 Why not just pull the bad batches?

40:48: Natural Immunity

41:00 Zero risk of hospitalization & death

41:20 No trial & not shown in any study that showing the vaccines prevent hospital & death

42:30 Most who have died from Covid are the vaccinated

43:20 those who were hospitalized that “died of Covid” died because they didn’t get early treatment

44:00 Hospital treatment: Review Hospital Protocol activity – why didn’t they give Monoclonal antibodies?

44:58 Clotting caused by Covid or Vaccines

47:05 Gain of Function research: Why was the virus created? Bio Labs: Did they create Covid to cull the old and weak?

49:50 The least vaccinated countries did the best with Covid. How did the Amish do

51:20 Bio Labs and farming out biological weaponization to adversaries of the U.S.

52:00 Child advertising – Violating laws

54:30 Masking children

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