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Republican party leaders are minutes away from calling on Florida governor Ron DeSantis and other state leaders to ban mRNA Covid based vaccines immediately!


The GOP leaders of the executive committee in BREVARD County, Florida say that they believe that the MRNA based Covid vaccine is a biological weapon.  The ban that will most likely succeed will make it illegal in Florida to give and/or to take MRNA vaccines in Florida.  


The Brevard County Republican Executive Committee (BREC) recently voted in favor of a resolution classifying the COVID-19 vaccine as a bioweapon as part of a broader effort to get the jab banned from the entire state of Florida.


BREC sent a letter to registered Republicans in Brevard County – the tenth most populated county in Florida – calling for the shots to be outlawed. The committee is also sending the letter to all appropriate representatives and Senators – high-profile Republicans such as Senators Marco Rubio and Rick Scott, and Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody, will also receive copies.


Group leaders have written the first draft of the letter to make the COVID-19 mRNA vaccines illegal in Florida.  Other GOP chapters in Seminole, Lake, St. John’s, Santa Rosa, Hillsborough and Lee Counties have passed similar resolutions.


The pharmaceutical companies committed crimes and pushed fraud on the public about the effectiveness of the vaccines and downplayed the risks and side effects, they argued:


Whereas Pfizer’s clinical data revealed 1.223 deaths, 42,000 adverse cases, 158,000 adverse incidents, and approximately 1,000 side effects. Whereas an enormous number of humans have died and or have been permanently disabled. Whereas strong and credible evidence exists that COVID-19 mRNA shots alter human DNA,” the letter continued. “Whereas government agencies, media and tech companies, and other corporations, have committed enormous fraud by claiming COVID-19 injections are safe and effective.”


The nonbinding resolution to outlaw the vaccines in Florida was passed by a supermajority vote of committee membership Thursday. It now goes to DeSantis, Brevard County’s legislative delegation and state party leaders, joining similar motions of support from committees in more than half a dozen other counties.




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