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Federal Judge T. Kent Wetherell II ruled in favor of the state of Florida and struck down the administrations parole program to release migrants caught crossing the border illegally back into the country.  







Joe BIden has been violating the law, his oath of office and the constitution by using parole as a tool to nullify immigration law.  It is no longer a secret that millions and millions of people have been flooding across the  border for the past two years, after being “paroled” immigrants are then released into our communities.




DeSantis is confident that this will apply nationwide and force Biden to change his border policy!

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  1. Note agents of the US federal government engaged in human trafficking efforts.
    They are aiding & abetting criminals in the commission of criminal activity.
    This is treason.

    “But there are few who want to change the game. They play word games instead. The language of immigration itself is designed to obfuscate reality. An “undocumented” immigrant may, the language implies, become documented. They didn’t break in without permission—they’re just missing some paperwork. A “migrant” sounds like someone who can’t be stopped by a border any more than you can stop the migration of birds or the butter-flies.”
    ― Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL)

    Decades ago:
    Collect Your Pay And Look The Other Way.
    ― unofficial motto of the I.C.E/Border Patrol
    In 2018:
    Collect Your Pay And Run To The Rescue.
    ― unofficial agenda of I.C.E/Border Patrol
    In 2019:
    ¡Arriba, arriba! ¡Ándale, ándale!
    ― Frantic SOP of I.C.E/Border Patrol
    In 2020
    Get Down With The Sickness!
    ― Treasonous Actions Require Revolutionary Response.
    In 2021
    Covid-19 tyranny for legal citizens, and open doors for unlawful foreign interlopers.
    In 2022
    Got a Revolution!

    The sovereign authority of the USA should man the border. WE The People should defend the interior. Allow the federal military to keep defending other nations’ borders as they’ve done for decades on end! WE The People will defend the homeland.

    Please get out of our way, and don’t even think about pointing federal guns at the sovereign authority, WE The People.

    WE The People know the only thing between us and border security is the US federal government. Repel the invaders, or relinquish the authority to defend the USA.
    The sovereign authority will assume your federal duties.

    Remove the federal obstacles and the path to US border security is clear.

    The USA\Mexico border is 1954 miles long.
    1954 miles x 5280 feet = 10317120 feet
    10317120 feet divided by 3 = 3439040 yards
    3439040 yards divided by 500 yards = Approx. 6878 sniper positions
    6878 sniper posts x 2 soldiers each = 13756 men per shift
    x 3 shifts per day = 41268 men in two man teams per day
    x 4 shifts per day = 55024 men in two man teams per day
    Plus some logistics and command personnel.

    A force of less than 60,000 could secure the entire border 24\7\365 with sniper teams set at 500 yard intervals.

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