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Amongst other evidence, three prominent scientists agree that dangerous gain-of-function research was being funded in Wuhan and should have been reviewed by the Pandemic Committee says Sen. Rand Paul. Paul and Congressional Republicans are eagerly floating investigations into Anthony Fauci and the Biden administration’s response to the Corona Virus epidemic.

Unlike Fauci’s claim that “the NIH does NOT fund Gain of Function research and never has in Wuhan”, Fauci claims that “this research was reviewed and found to be safe by experts”, Sen. Paul says “this is an out and out lie”.

Even NIH admits this is Gain of Function.

Senator Paul goes on to explain his thoughts on Fauci’s evasiveness on admitting to funding Gain of Function, “I think the reason is that deep down he feels a moral culpability for this pandemic. “He realizes there’s a very good chance that it came from a lab and if it did come from a lab and it came out of research that we were financing, ultimately he (Fauci) and his decision making should be judged in reviewing the history of where this pandemic came from – but he hasn’t been honest”




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