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COVID was pre-meditated domestic terrorism. First isolated in 1965 more than 50 years ago, it was an act of biological warfare perpetrated on the human race. It was a financial heist, a financial fraud. Science was hijacked, he says.

The WHO and BIG PHARMA has now managed to acquire absolute criminal immunity. Bottom line is “WE CAN NOT LIVE IN A WORLD WHERE MANUFACTURERS CAN KILL PEOPLE AND JUST PAY A FINE!” – Dr. David Martin

Dr. David Martin at European Parliament:                      SEE HEARING

Video: COVID-19 Pandemic Was Pre-Meditated Domestic Terrorism


Dr. David Martin is the founding chairman of M Cam Asset Management Company and an expert on patent auditing. He is the creator of the world’s first quantitative public equity index – the CNBC IQ100 powered by M·CAM. He served as Chair of Economic Innovation for the UN-affiliated Intergovernmental Renewable Energy Organization and has served as an advisor to numerous Central Banks, global economic forums, the World Bank and International Finance Corporation, and national governments. Dr. Martin received his undergraduate (BA) from Goshen College, his Masters of Science from Ball State University, and his Doctorate (PhD) from the University of Virginia.





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