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They’ve finally had enough. People are tired of their freedoms being taken away!  At each town uprising, college students are erupting from silence to send a clear message to the CCP – “Depose the Dictatorial Traitor Xi Jinping!”, “Step Down! Step Down!”, “F**K You CCP!” People are taking leaders hostage, people risking death to protest in ways they never have before.


Apparently these uprisings have been cropping up all over China (beginning with Foxconn’s iPhone Factory) over Covid-19 restrictions.  CCP downplayed it of course, while the chanting turned from “NO COVID LOCK DOWNS” to “CCP Step Down!”.


“Now we’re seeing real people step up everywhere from top tier universities to low level vocational schools”, major cities from inner Mongolia, through to smaller communities to Bei Jing people are parading through the streets while the PLA (People’s Liberation Army) enforcers are deployed. Swat teams across the country waiting for the worst to escalate.


The most alarming scenario is the big shift that is taking place within these new protests. The difference is that everyone now has reached the point where nothing is left to loose.


On a normal day people are dragged away in a protest and citizens do not retaliate, but now it’s changed.  People are now fighting to protect their fellow citizens against the riot police. Chanting “Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death”, a man cries out to the crowd while people hesitate, not sure what to do? What is most concerning is what will happen once the police arrive? It’s well known the consequences whenever anyone speaks against the establishment, are deadly.



Then there’s those little white vans …




Above: In the beginning, protests over COVID-19 restrictions by workers at Foxconn’s iPhone factory in central China were met with violence by security personnel, videos circulating on Chinese social media have shown. Workers at Foxconn’s Zhengzhou factory held protests on the factory campus, where they have had to stay since a closed-loop system was announced to counter the spread of COVID-19 without compromising productivity. Videos of the violence in Zhengzhou showed masked people facing off police in protective suits. Some of the protesters are seen in the videos smashing surveillance cameras and windows on the campus. “The authorities have failed to prevent the news from spreading beyond Zhengzhou,” said Patrick Poon, a visiting researcher at the Institute of Comparative Law At Meiji University in Japan. “It’s rare to see such strong actions by workers in recent years. I’m pretty sure the authorities would use more force to try to contain the situation. It’s concerning to imagine how much worse the will crackdown become as authorities try to censor relevant news about the protest in Zhengzhou.”


Foxconn’s iPhone factory protest




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