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This society has created “stigmatized outcasts” in regard to these vaccines.  People have lost their jobs, family members and friends due to their decision to not vaccinate.  Based upon the evident facts, we have found these people are vindicated based upon the accumulating evidence regarding these vaccines. We as a society must restore the harm done that is based upon this discrimination. Full Citizenship must be granted back to the UNVACCINATED.  The CDC prevention guidelines have partially accomplished this by making changes that closer follow the GREAT BARRINGTON DECLARATION. (see link below)





* No longer recommending mass symptomatic testing – only test if you have symptoms

* Relaxed 6 ft Distancing

* CDC no longer discriminating against unvaccinated

* Focus on vulnerable people only – not mass population

* Acknowledges natural immunity – Admits that unvaccinated have “some degree” of protection against severe illness if they have had previous infection.


Great Barrington Declaration


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