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The energy crisis unfolding in Europe demonstrates that energy security is also a matter of national security. Europe’s dependence on Russian oil and gas has empowered Vladimir Putin to hold neighboring countries hostage. The U.S. will suffer a similar fate if we fail to onshore our own energy supply. Instead of working to prevent this, Biden continues to rely on foreign nations like Venezuela and Saudi Arabia, begging them to produce more oil. 


In contrast to President Biden’s reliance on foreign nations, House Republicans are taking action to bring relief to consumers and return the U.S. to its role in global energy dominance. Just weeks after reclaiming the majority, we passed legislation to depoliticize the Strategic Petroleum Reserve and prohibit sales of SPR oil to the Chinese Communist Party.     


House Republicans’ Commitment to America promised to maximize domestic production, cut the lengthy federal permitting timeline in half, and tackle inflation. H.R. 1, the Lower Energy Costs Act, is a significant first step that HEAT will build upon, ensuring House Republicans deliver on their pro-energy policy promises. 


H.R. 1 The Lower Energy Costs Act

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