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This video was recorded from my iphone just as YouTube cut off the presentation livestream half way through and deleted the video.  There was nothing but the true original version left on my screen – nowhere will you find this on the internet. 


If you look up “Florida governor holds press conference from Tampa’s State Attorney’s Office”, you will find fake scrubbed versions of Ron DeSantis’ election campaign information on all stations – which comes to mind all the real life scrambling that media had to go through to replace the real version with a scrubbed version during a livestream – further proof of the media’s amazing dedication to withhold truth from the american people by censorship and lies to protect this hideous ideology. 


Of course the scrubbed version does not mention what the original conference was really intended to be: a tell all of what CRT really is about in America, it’s obscene literature and the dispelling of the myths and hoaxes surrounding his decision to ban these books.   


The video has bad audio (bad even on livestream version) and bad visual and is not the entire presentation, but it gives you an idea of DeSantis intention.  CRT  is real and so are the books that are being distributed – as shocking as this is, it is not a myth, but a sad reality


Here is the rest of the conference less the banned graphic video: 










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