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Arizonian citizens no longer trust officials to count the votes with fidelity.  Patriots are now demanding a new election on December 6th!

Arizona citizens called for a new election last night with a list of demands stating that the People will peacefully descend on Arizona until a new election is conducted.  Their demands for remedy will include a special master assigned to oversee Arizona elections, removing Katie Hobbs, Bill Gates and Steven Ricker from election oversight  and conduct a new election on December 6th of this year with in person voting, paper ballots, identification  and precinct level hand counting of ballots on the date of December 6th.  Ballots counted on that date, at the precinct, sealed and transported by the county sheriff to a secure location conducted with complete election transparency.  Arizona citizens demand that Arizona officials agree to these terms by close of business by Friday, November 18th.  If the demands for the new election are refused,  Arizona citizens, joined by American citizens from across the country will peacefully descend on Arizona until these demands are met.



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