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New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham on Friday issued an emergency order suspending the right to carry firearms in public across Albuquerque and the surrounding county for at least 30 days in response to a spate of gun violence.

The Democratic governor said she expects legal challenges but was compelled to act because of recent shootings, including the death of an 11-year-old boy outside a minor league baseball stadium this week.


The firearms suspension, classified as an emergency public health order, applies to open and concealed carry in most public places, from city sidewalks to urban recreational parks. The restriction is tied to a threshold for violent crime rates currently only met by the metropolitan Albuquerque. Police and licensed security guards are exempt from the temporary ban.

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  1. We’re these “acts of violence” committed by people with legal conceal/carry permits by law abiding citizens?

    I bet the answer is a resounding NO

    Just another attempt by the communists to come after your guns

    1. I do agree criminals are not the ones who tend to follow laws, especially GUN laws. A whole OTHER side is exactly WHO organizes these acts of gun violence against schools/the public, etc.(portrayed as “terrorists/crazies/assassins). Are many of these criminals “government hired” to generate chaos so that these bans and laws can be enforced?

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