About us

Freedom Live is social TV media platform for journalists, speakers and artists that facilitate sales, campaign, subscription , management and networking capability with decentralized livestream broadcasting NO audience filters.

Freedom-Live promotes the standards of common journalism code of ethics and defends the values of  Section 230  by encouraging open debate through discussion, reviews, flagging and comments.  Likeminded journalists benefit from promotional tools, no banning and marketing support provided by the platform.

Freedom-Live is owned by Hempress®  and HempressTV ®




Our Policy: Freedom Live provides private messages, invite and email subscriptions for your groups as a free service for members.  

Post without banning or censorship:  Although Freedom-Live.U.S. is favorable  of right wing content, extremely controversial postings require private subscriptions to your group then live notify viewers to your content.  You may post advertising and articles from Freedom-Live for public postings.  

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