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Deliberately subverting our senate process, The World Health Organization is revising our international health regulations and tailoring it to suit very questionable means. Approval of this agreement would establish a world wide totalitarian bio-tech state” says Women’s Rights Without Frontiers President, Reggie Littlejohn. They don’t want to call it a treaty because by this name they would have to submit to our senate process.


Zero draft of the WHO Convention Agreement



Within it’s context, there is an article that states “signatories must recognize the central role of the WHO as a directing and coordinating authority on international health work” …


This means that the WHO is able to call the shots during any health emergency or even potential health emergency anywhere in the world.  The individual country’s permission is not required and not only applies to human health, it includes plant health, animal health, the environment and they can use any reason they deem fit to open a need to manage whatever “crisis” they warrant.  This is dangerous.


The proposed agreement will also give WHO authority over the global supply chain, health care, global and U.S. trade, commerce and other aspects of our lives.


The WHO Global Pandemic Supply Chain and Logistics Network head (WHO Director General Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus) is even dangerously quasi-aligned with the CCP and will potentially (if passed) gain control over the global supply chain and over medical individual intellectual property rights.







Here in the U.S., the Biden administration plans to use the “Defense Authorization Act” (NDAA) to pre-approve whatever is “recommended” by the WHO.


The NDAA contains within it a Pandemic Preparedness Act (bill)  and contains a loophole that allows anything the WHO passes, to pass automatically and made into law in the U.S., again subverting our Senate process.


The entire World Health Organization will also essentially take over the world with the additional proposals set to go underway: Vaccine passports, control over medical and hospital protocol with ability to force mandate, force quarantine and force vaccination.


From health, vaccines, medicines, commerce and trade, the proposed post-covid pandemic revisions to World Health Organization regulations would give the WHO more authority over medical care and commerce than our own government during “health emergencies”.









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